The compound growth rate of lithium-ion electric vehicles can reach 140%, and it is expected to be profitable next year


Recently, the world's top investment bank Credit Suisse (hereinafter referred to as "Credit Suisse") issued a research report, it is expected that Maverick Electric (NASDAQ: NIU) will achieve substantial profits in 2019, with a net profit of RMB 167 million and a $14 The target price is 72% higher than the current share price. In addition, Credit Suisse predicts that the compound growth rate of China's lithium-ion two-wheeled electric vehicle market is expected to reach 140% in 2018-2020.​​

With the continuous upgrading of environmental protection requirements at home and abroad, low-carbon life has gradually become the main theme of the times, and the future development of the new energy industry is very good. Although the emergence of new energy vehicles in recent years has helped reduce carbon emissions, consumers still face problems such as traffic congestion and parking difficulties, and two-wheeled electric vehicles undoubtedly provide people with a convenient and fast travel option. Compared with traditional two-wheeled electric vehicles using lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion two-wheeled electric vehicles with many advantages such as longer life, higher environmental protection performance, and stronger endurance are more in line with the needs of resource-saving and environment-friendly social development. , will undoubtedly usher in the spring of the market. A series of policies such as the "New National Standard" recently issued by the state have put forward more standardized standards and stricter requirements for two-wheeled electric vehicles, which has promoted the penetration rate of lithium batteries into two-wheeled electric vehicles from the policy level.


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