New consumption is on the rise, who is the next wave rider?


New consumption is on the rise, who is the next wave rider?

Why does Xiaomi become a national brand?

Why did the vitality forest suddenly rise in the past few years?

Why is the Maverick electric car a favorite of young people?

Consumption upgrades are coming with a fiery attitude. The wind of "new consumption" has swept across various industries, and it is reflected in everyone. It is a change in all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation.

The post-85s and post-90s generation as the standard-bearer of new consumerism are becoming increasingly important in this change. They were born in the era of material abundance, they are the aborigines of the mobile Internet, they have a rich spiritual world and distinct personal opinions, and they feel the whole process from the emergence of technology to the increasingly close integration with life.

The consumer market has moved from product-driven to user-driven, and the differentiation of consumer demands has led to further segmentation of product functional attributes. At this time, the distance between brands and users directly determines the efficiency of operations. Whether to understand and pay attention to consumers becomes a the core of growth.


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